Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Inept Teacher

An Inept Teacher.

First of all, let me clairfy that I come from a long line of teachers and principals. I have the utmost respect for most. However, once in awhile we all come across a teacher who wastes others time, blows it and causes pain.  I had that experience this past week. Not only did she make a very poor and unprofessional decision, but she disrespeted me and her students, in front of a ton of people.  Her lack of knowledge, added to her lack of communication and courtesy caused a sad situation. No details here, but I hope she has the ability for some good introspection and grows from this. I know the rest of us sure will.

I pray each of you are able to let slights roll off your back.
That's one of my jobs this week.
Even crazy ladies have feelings.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Angry Man or Drunk Man Lights

Our outside Christmas lights were up in all their magnificent glory. Each year, the children say the lights frame the house in such a way that it looks like the face of an angry old man. The strands of lights on the two upstairs dormers look like eyebrows and they tilt down toward each other. After the huge gusting storm the other night, I plugged the lights in before dark so they would be on when we drove home after my son's high school basketball game. Game over, son won, although this crazy mom-- me -- wanted to give the ref a piece of her mind, but of course controled herself. Crazy ladies may be crazy, but we can maintain our dignity.  Back to driving home. We stopped as soon as we turned into our street-- SHOCKED! The angry old man was now a drunk old man. The powerful wind had had whipped the lights around so they drooped here and there. It looked so hilarious! We haven't turned them back on since. Hate to advertise how crazy we really are. My husband and sons will climb on the roof this Saturday and fix them.  We decided an angry old man trumps a drunk old man any day.  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Decoration

Crazy Ladies Decorate like crazy ladies at Christmas Time.
We often start right after Thanksgiving, and do some decorating each day until about December 1.

Then we re-arrange and stage the stuff, and add more from great finds.
We even decorate our computers.

 By Christmas Eve, we are ever so pleased with ourselves
 for the incredible Christmas Wonderland we have created.
Are you one of us???????