Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy Things About Life

A young man and his father sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of icecream one evening.

"Dad, what makes a man always give a woman a diamond ring?" The young man looked puzzled.

The dad sighed, "The woman."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hunter, there were two pieces of pie left last night when I went to bed, now there's only one. How is that?"

"Well Mom, it was so dark, I didn't see the other piece."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Photographer to a young man: "The picture will look better if you put your hand on your father's shoulder."

Father: "It would be much more natural if he put his hand in my pocket."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Inspire by Jokes and More Jokes by Scholatic Books.

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