Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy Lady With Short in Her Brain

Life has been way crazy so it's been a while since I posted. This story below really happened so I just had to post it in Crazy Ladies Blog Here. Read this and see if you would call someone crazy.

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "I need this project done by my birthday."

Normal Crazy Lady: "When is your birthday."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "Sometime in March."

Normal Crazy Lady: "Can you be more specific? What is the day?"

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "How do I know what day it is?"

Normal Crazy Lady: "Hmmm . . . well it's the same day each year, that is the same number each year."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain getting impatient: "Can you get it done?"

Normal Crazy Lady, realizing there truly is a disconnect: "I can have it done March 1st."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "That won't be soon enough. I need it before May."

Normal Crazy Lady realizing there may be bats in the belfry: "March 1st comes before May."

Crazy lady with short in her brain: "Oh, well I can use my discretion here, why don't you get it done in July."

Normal Crazy Lady: "Okay, July it is."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "Now, why didn't you agree to this all along."

Normal Crazy Lady clamps her mouth shut tight thinking, let it go, just let it go, then lets out a big sigh of relief when the Crazy Lady with the short in her brain is gone.
I heard a comedian the other day, I think it was Jeff Foxworthy say . . . "They walk among us."

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  1. I have had more conversations like this than I like to think about and by the time it ends you think both of you need padded rooms, seperate padded rooms.


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